The best part of my work is the people I inspire. They take action, say YES! to their dreams and reap the rewards forever.
— Engela Minshull

Joanna Turner 

Mission For Balance Coach


Joanna Turner

"I didn't really know what to expect from an online consultation with a stylist, how could she look in my wardrobe? But wow, Engela blew me away! She was so organised and had seriously done her research. It felt so tailored and I loved how she had a special Pinterest board with ideas for me and had literally thought of everything I could possibly need, her insights and observations were spot on. The other great thing is that she showed me that I don't need to go buy a whole new wardrobe, I actually already have so many things and she gave me some amazing top tips for some really affordable pieces too! All in all, I am totally buzzing - so glad I did it! Thanks again, I really appreciate it! Jo x

Vanessa Theiss



Vanessa Theis

"Working with Engela is a breath of fresh air.  She comes to the table prepared and really gets YOUR style.  I didn't have to spend much time telling her what I liked as she did her homework, looking me up on Facebook and Pinterest prior to our consultation. She is also a business coach, which comes through in her work as a stylist. The session is not just about clothes but also the psychology of how people form opinions about you based on visual and audio cues.  I found this part of the session extremely helpful and insightful.  Engela has stunning, sophisticated taste, but in a very down to earth sense. I had previously come across personal stylists who are only concerned about fitting you into a category and dismiss your personal lifestyle all together - not Engela! She is sensitive to individual requirements and genuinely cares that you look and feel your best. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an enhanced look, I highly recommend you work with Engela."

Jean Thompson

15K Presidents Team - Herbalife

south Africa

Testimonial 2.png

"Engela you have made a profound difference in my ability to project my own personal brand and image. Your depth of interest, understanding and care of who I am has resulted in genuine, personalised advice, coaching and direction. You really took the trouble to understand my needs and this has made all the difference. Your wide range of experience and knowledge, along with your superb ability to communicate has made working with you a real pleasure."

MaryAnne E Bachia

Owner - Acupuncture Energy Works

Boulder, Colorado, USA

maryanne bachia

"Engela has a gift for Style. She has a sophisticated eye and a love for beauty. Engela can observe someone's clothes, posture, mannerisms and see what they would be comfortable in and what wouldn't in minutes. Her passion helps her to easily adorn any shape or sized woman. Her long term educated observations help her add colour and cut. Her intuition puts it all together to fit the individual. Engela worked with me to create a style I love and I walked away feeling like someone saw my beauty and knows how to bring it out. I feel lavishly spoiled and uplifted with joy and loving the adventure of creating a new look."

Anna Fullbrook


United Kingdom

Anna Fullbrook

"Have you ever felt like you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? I used to until I had a styling session with Engela Minshull, ( Engela, huge thank you for the styling session on Monday and amazing tips on capsule wardrobe and colour chart! You have changed the way I look at my wardrobe and since then I have not had the urge to shop! Amazing! Thank you :-)"

Sharon Holmes

Strategic Networking & PR partner

Ohio, USA

sharon holmes2

"I just have to say I had THE most wonderful consultation with Engela Du Toit Minshull a couple weeks back. I've never had any style or fashion consultation before and let's just say I needed it. Somehow in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea she honed in on what styles and colors would look amazing AND still feel authentic. She even went so far as to factor in the psychology of color, and aligned my personal color palette to the emotions in myself and others that I want to encourage more of. Let's just say WHOA!!!!!!

With her inspiration and guidance I not only revamped my wardrobe into one that makes me look and FEEL fabulous, but I also found it incredibly freeing. I didn't know I had a clothes hoarding problem until she empowered me with the "basics" of piecing together my closet. Some major decluttering of the soul took place along with the closets and dressers.

Thank you again Engela for the unexpected blessings. The whole world needs your special touch." X

violeta malotokaite

law enforcement officer



"Inspired by Engela Minshull on our style discovery session. I strut the wrap dress in emerald green print to voice my first ever presentation on corporate culture concept. Diane von Furstenberg made the wrap dress iconic, so let's do the magic. Carpe Diem!"

Durassie Kiangangu

Actor, Physical Theatre Performer and Voice Artist

united Kingdom

Durassie Kiangangu

"I visited your worklondonstyle page and am quite impressed with the varied professions you have managed to juggle over the years. Once again thank you very much for taking the time to have a one-to-one session with me. I found the bullet points and references that you strongly advised to look into for my plan of action as very helpful. From this I am going to go away and work on making clearer decisions regarding my vocation and apply to it with steadier focus in mind. Including the essential point of confidently marketing myself within the self-employed profession that I am in."

Patti O'leary

Business Woman

United States

Patti O'Leary

"Just finished a conversation with Engela Du Toit Minshull. What a beautiful, wonderfully charming woman! She was able to give me several suggestions for an upcoming business trip I am taking and how to pack to be able to present my best self throughout my meetings and off time. Any woman who has had to condense her wardrobe for a two week business trip can appreciate what value it would be to have someone coaching you through your choices! She was able to offer suggestions from head to toe! This conversation has allowed me to feel better prepared to handle any opportunity with style and grace. Thank you so much Engela!. What a gift is was to speak to you. I feel the timing of your offer was a true blessing! Ladies if you haven't spoken to her already... BOOK some time with her. She has amazing programs to help solve your "what will I wear" dilemma. Your wonderfulness should be allowed to shine through no matter what your size, no matter what your budget! Engela will help you find that balance. Thank you again Engela for your time today!!"

Christina Casey

Conscious Parenting Coach


Christina Casey

"I loved my session with Engela - she really cares about bringing out your natural style, confidence and being more decisive to choose what suits you best. For me it was completely reassuring - a real boost, making the most of what was in my existing wardrobe before heading off to Paris and London. This was the most relaxed I have ever been in front of a camera - thanks to Engela's coaching beforehand. I will definitely be investing in Engela's services before my next photo shoot and for future wardrobe updates."

Hanadi Zakaria Odesanmi

Life coach

United Kingdom


"I had a session with Engela and I must say it was full of aha moments. I took two pages of notes during the call. She provided loads of info on how to present yourself, your personality and your brand simply by how you dress and what colours you choose. She also helped me with a clothes coordination formula which was a work of genius, she's the Queen. If you are wondering how to dress to be true to yourself and your brand... all you need is to book a session with this lady."

Marie Casey

Transformational Coach

united states

MC testimonial

"Engela is as warm as her melodic voice. Her story and strength inspire me to reach deeper and further into myself and give this amazing life my best. She helped me realise that I knew my style more than I thought and helped me to see the beauty in my uniqueness. My heart burst with gratitude for her presence in my life and I eagerly await our next adventure."

ChiChi E EruChalu

confidence coach

United Kingdom

Chi Chi

"Thank you Engela for our style session today! Enjoyed it so much! I learnt so much about colour (both for me and my business), style and building my capsule wardrobe with just 15 items - which will create over 40 different outfits for me. So excited to rebuild my wardrobe with your advice. Time to quit wearing black and express myself through colour!"

Marissa Loewen

Creative & Career Coach, Marissa


ML testimonial

"I absolutely love the way you command the stage! You should have your own podcast or radio show... Could you please record something and send it to me? You are truly inspirational and I can listen to you speaking all day."

Kathrin Stevens


United Kingdom

Kathrin Stevens

"Hey guys I had a Skype call with the amazing Engela Du Toit Minshull on Thursday morning and I absolutely loved it. This lady knows what she is talking about! It was a shame about my wifi connection but can totally see myself wearing all these different outfits. I am still on the hunt for that jacket! Can't wait to find it and experiment with different styles. Thank you so much for your time and your advice what a pleasure to talk to you."

Erika sheffer

the wellness coach for stylish women

united states

"I absolutely loved love loved my Style Session with Engela! I had recently booked a photoshoot and really wanted to plan the perfect set of outfits that would show off my personality, complement my figure and complexion. Engela came so prepared to our session, with a color palette just for me, trends for me to try, and flattering clothing styles perfect for my petite figure. Not only did I walk away knowing exactly how to dress and shop for myself, but I was empowered to really be me and be visible in my business! Not to mention that I had a blast and got some bonus travel tips that I can't wait to use for my upcoming trip to Paris. Thank you, Engela!"

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