10 Expert tips to look stylish every day:

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is knowing how to adapt and use colour and style to showcase your authentic self in your best possible light. This helps attract your potential customer to your brand. Today, visibility through a strong web presence is key. The journey of creating your own brand is exhilarating. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat provide you with an unequivocal opportunity to influence your followers and potential customers. 

Visibility is about awareness, accountability and action. Ask - Who Am I? What do I stand for? How do I show up in the world? 

Your website gives people the opportunity to 'meet' with you, experience your smile to establish rapport and to research your products and services. It gives them the chance to connect with you and feel that they can trust you.

Most entrepreneurs now use professional photographers to create authentic images for their websites. Photoshoots can be daunting and it is important to stay recognisable. I will show you how to look your best at every turn. 

Confidence is key! Personal style is about enjoying what you wear and creating a look that suits your specific lifestyle. By knowing what image you want to project, you can establish which pieces to pair with each other to always look stylish. 

ten secrets to everyday style

1. Accentuate your favourite feature.

Stay true to what works on you and show off your favourite feature. Accentuate the part of your body you love the most. 

2. Its all about proportion.

Consider a mix of loose and fitted shapes. A fitted top with a loose fitting pant or skirt or a flowing top with skinny jeans. 

3. An unlimited budget is not the answer.

Look at French women; they buy quality basics and wear them season after season. Buy pieces that fit your individual body. Own a dress that fits you like a glove? Wear it to shreds.

4. The proven art of camouflage.

Darker colours minimise whilst lighter and shinier fabrics reflect the light. Uncomfortable about your waist? A darker belt or panel will do the trick to slim it down. 

5. Stay loyal to what works for you.

Once you know which shapes and colours work best on you, stick with them for all occasions. Use accessories to keep your look current. The better you look, the better you feel. 

6. Select figure flattering fabrics.

If you are trying to draw attention away from a body part, choose structured fabrics like cotton or linen. Save clingier materials like knits or jersey for areas you like to flaunt. 

7. Tailor your clothes to fit your individual shape.

Make friends with a reliable tailor who can fit clothes to your body. You will be amazed what a difference the correct hem length, waist and shoulder fit will make to your silhouette. 

8. Taller equals thinner.

Heels spread your weight over a longer frame which makes you not only taller, but slimmer. Stilettos create a long line with dresses, skirts and pants whilst chunky heels will balance out a fuller skirt or curvier calves. 

9. Avoid clothes that are too baggy.

Don't hide in your clothes. Bigger, looser shapes make you look bigger. Ensuring your clothes fit your figure comfortably will make you look taller, slimmer and younger.

10. Style has nothing to do with size.

You do not need the 'perfect' figure to look stylish every day. Don't put your life on hold 'until you lose the weight'. Shop and dress for the body you have now. Whether you are petite, curvy or athletically tall, the secret is knowing what works for your lifestyle and shape. 

Change Your Look, Change Your Life
— Engela Minshull