9 Powerful Strategies To Attract New Clients Today And Keep Them Forever.

1. Formulate your message.

Get clear on the value you are offering and define your powerful message and brand as relevant, realistic and congruent. Create a single-minded proposition which states what you provide from the clients' point of view. Keep your communication short and powerful.

2. Look like the company you want to be.

Project yourself ahead to where you want to be in a few years' time and then look back to where you are today. What actions did you take to get there? Who are you working with? Which colour scheme best suits your company's image?

Now create a presence for your business on Social Media. There are 7 billion people on the planet; 4 billion now have access to the internet. This provides you with a global community of potential new clients. Which social media is best suited to reaching your tribe? What times of day is best to reach them, in which region?

3. Define your ideal client.

People buy to relieve pain, eradicate fear and experience pleasure. Which of these attributes do your product or service satisfy? How old is your client? How much does she earn and where does she prefer to shop? What is holding her back from that which she desires?

4. Talk about your business - offer a solution to their obstacles.

Find your ideal audience and get in front of them today. This will afford you the opportunity to gain immediate feedback from potential clients.

5. Get visible.

Establish yourself as the expert and boost your exposure. Stay in constant contact with your potential clients by relentlessly researching how what you have to offer can help her and communicate this to her where she can see it.

6. Be ready for success.

People buy YOU before they buy FROM you. Sell yourself by cultivating the positive mindset of successful entrepreneurs. Ask "How?", not "Why?"

Know the attributes of what you have to offer and how they solve your client's obstacles. This allows you to exceed your customer's expectations when they are ready to buy from you.

7. Be consistent by using automated systems.

Someone, or something always needs to be working in your business. Get more visibility, leads and clients online by using automated systems.

Landing pages are gorgeous and are tested and proven for high customer conversions. Employ pages on Facebook, your website or blog to build your potential client list. You can use built-in analytics to see how your pages are performing.

8. Persistence pays; follow up regularly.

"No" means "not now". Often a "no" can be turned into a "yes" when the client understands the solution you have to offer to their challenge. Circumstances change and a client who may not have been a potential buyer may well be ready for your offer in the next few months. This is why consistent follow up is so important.

9. Understand your client's personality and keep her forever.

It costs seven times as much to gain a new client than to keep a regular client. Build a comprehensive customer retention strategy. Encourage feedback and comments from your customers to make them feel heard and understood, and they will stay loyal to you forever.

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